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MSN emoticons and smileys

Many people are wondering how you get these icons on your screen. Please feel free to print this page and paste it to the wall. If you find new emoticons please use the form and send me the characters and description, so I will be able to add them to your list. Please make sure you get the latest version of MSN-messenger.

To find more (new) emoticons which you can add to your messenger click here for free bonus emoticons.





another way

happy happy :)
happy very happy :D or :> or :-d
surprised surprised / o, no   :o
tongue tongue sticking out :p
wink wink ;)
sad sad :( or:<
angry angry grin  
angry angry :@
nerd nerd  
crying crying  
confused confused :S or :-s
embarrassed embarrassed  
undecided undecided :|
kissing kissing  
don't tell anyone don't tell anyone  
wacked out wacked out sunny face (h)
party party  
angel angel (a)
sick sick  
be right back be right back  
devil devil  
yes yes (y)
no no (n)
girl girl (x)
boy boy (z)
love love (l)
no love don't love (u)
kiss kiss (k)
picture picture (p)
gift gift (g)
handcuffs handcuffs  
flower flower (f)
flower Wilt flower (w)
drink drink (d)
beer beer (b)
cup cup (c)
cake (Birthday) cake  
pizza pizza  
chopsticks chopsticks  
messenger messenger (m)
cat cat  
snail snail  
sheep sheep  
turtel turtel  
dog dog  
bat bat :[
asl ASL - Age Sex Location  
hug hug left  
hug hug right  
plate plate  
idea idea (i)
music music  
island island  
asleep asleep / moon  
star star  
rainbow rainbow (r)
sun sun  
lightning lightning  
storm storm / rain  
umbrella umbrella  
computer computer  
mobile mobile phone  
telephone telephone (t)
email email (e)
airplane airplane  
car car  
movie movie  
time time / clock (o)
soccer soccer ball  
cigarette cigarette  
fingers crossed fingers crossed  
high five high five  
x-box x-box  
money money