An Emoticon (or Smiley) is a sequence of ordinary characters you can find on any computer keyboard. Nowadays emoticons are mainly used in Whatsapp, Email, Chat, SMS and even in written communication.


The most popular emoticons are the smiling faces (smileys or smilies) that people use to say “don’t take what I just wrote too seriously”. If you don’t see that it represents a smiling face, tip your head to the left and look at it again. The colon represents the eyes, the dash represents the nose, and the right parenthesis represent the mouth.


Emoticons became common good in MSN and Yahoo, however it is used everwhere now. At that time, during your chat session, these emoticons convert to real icons, which was a new thing.

Now you can find emoticons in every app and tool on every device. When you type :-) in your Word document, your e-mail, whatsapp or any other tool, it will convert to 😊

These emoticons show an Emotion through an ‘Icon‘. Over hundreds of these Smileys are being used. The most common emoticons can be found at this website.


A full list with acronyms. Some them used every day, other ones more unique.


An overview of the most common basic emoticons.

Celebrities and other people

You find celebs and other people in this list, like the pope, Marge Simson and Santa.

Common Objects

A list with emoticons of common objects we all know.


Find your favorite animal. We got mice, cows and fish for you.


The most common action is a kiss. In this list you find many more actions.


Beards, Curly hear, unibrow, sloppy eater  you find them in this section.